About Us

About Dr. Wendi Lilly-Bare, Veterinarian and the Pet Friends Staff

A Northeast Columbia native, Wendi Lilly-Bare graduated from Spring Valley High School before attending the University of South Carolina as a biology major. She entered Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1999 where she earned her degree as a veterinarian in 2003.

Married with two little girls, Dr. Lilly-Bare stays busy with family and personal interests (such as supporting Relay for Life) in addition to operating her pet clinic. Her family includes one cat at home – Mr. Pickles – and one dog – Dobbsy. She also has several animal staff members who live on-site at the pet clinic.

Dr. Lilly-Bare is a member in good standing of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Greater Columbia Association of Veterinarians and South Carolina Association of Veterinarians.

She is aided by vet assistants who are caring, knowledgeable and experienced in the most up-to-date vet care practices.

Chuckie, Greeter & Paperweight

To help calm anxious feelings and make everyone feel welcome, Chuckie acts as our greeter. (That is when he isn’t holding down papers on our desks!) A friendly fellow, he stays busy wandering about the pet clinic, assisting the veterinarian and making the patients and their families feel more at ease.

Ms. Pacman, Entertainment

Ms. Pacman came to our pet clinic as a rescue kitty (turned entertainer). Proficient at nap-taking, Ms. Pacman is full of energy and loves to perform for anyone who is willing to watch.

Jasmine, Behind-the-Scenes Manager

Not as visible to patients and their families, Jasmine (the lop-eared bunny)keeps everybody hopping behind the scenes. As soft and gentle as they come, she’s willing to make an appearance upon request.

Napoleon, A Real Ham

Living up to his genetics, Napoleon the pig has a never ending appetite for life (and food, and hair, and…) Definitely opinionated, he loves attention and making new patients feel welcome.

King, A Lover not a Fighter

Though his size might make you think otherwise, King is a gentle giant. Always eager for a pat on the head or a belly rub, this big boy rules the roost with a kind heart.

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